Who the hell am I?

You'd probably wonder if any of this is safe or makes any sense, and so who's behind it. I rarely ever could get a good, 3rd party shell account. They're great for sooo many different things. Especially if they come with some handy stuff for dev & testing. Like being able to put web pages up, use a database, an extra email account.

I always wanted to be able to provide something like that, since it seemed like it could be done better. So here I am, just trying to help the fellow nerd community. You can see this is all sort of in my general area of interest from my LinkedIn page. Some hints at it on my personal site. Plus to maintain security and functionality for now, generating a user is done through my company's web site. Though "FREE SHELLS" isn't exactly listed on the site. You'll need to use the signup link on the main page.

If you like the service or are curious or have feature requests, need help or anything else, tweet me @Cygnostik - There's also a link on my personal site to my Discord channel you can jump in there and poke at me. I'll toss a contact form up here eventually, I'm sure. If you'd like to contrubute in some way feel free to make a mention. If you'd like to help out with the costs of all this you can always become a patron of my other project, IDJ, here. $1/mo or more & every little bit helps. My medical expenses these days are astronimical and it's killing me. Every little bit helps a lot!

I do want these free shell accounts to be useful for as much as possible. Don't hesitate to drop a feature request. I'll toss a imple ticket system up soon too.